Tier 1 Powertrain


  • Established Tier 1 Manufacturer
  • Global Leader in Driveline and Powertrain Systems
  • Client Requested Solutions to mitigate potential 30-day launch delay

Key Business Issues

  • Disengaged Management Team
  • Late in Validating Equipment for upcoming key platform launch
  • Huge risk in delaying customer vehicle launch by 1 month
  • Shared assets, without improvement plans


  • Engaged immediately with high performance cross-functional team
  • Evaluated entire facility for throughput improvement opportunities creating options for increasing throughput
  • Decontented several production lines, shifting production, optimizing capacity utilization
  • Managed scheduling and logistics, ensuring JIT deliveries
  • Re-engaged management team to be part of the solution
  • No lost vehicles, mitigating lost profit risk of > $500K