Case Study


  • Healthcare products manufacturer
  • Problem Statement: Excessive Variation with destructive, tight tolerance testing
  • - Unable to effectively diagnose test result
  • Process for testing:
  • - High intensity light passed through array wells on microtiter plates
  • - Color emitted by reactions quantified by a detector
  • Test set-up:
  • - Plates coated for assigned application
  • - 2-3 coats per test
  • - Washing and drying required between different coats


  • Test designed to split between inputs to the processes and the functions of the processes
  • Involves same number of plates as a regular production test sample


  • Casual Mechanism lived in the first drying operation
  • - over aggressive airflow drying caused variation
  • - effective characterization of system behavior eliminated coating and washing from casual mechanisms
  • Variability of production sample tests reduced from over 100% of the tolerance to under 25%
  • Avoided expensive and time consuming experimental test plan that involved 14 variables, none of which we air flow

By the Numbers

2 hours
Avoided weeks of complicated and expensive testing experimentation by determining casual explanation in 2 hours
>75% Reduction
Test result variation reduction from over 100% of tolerance to under 25% of tolerance