Ensure your customers are completely satisfied.

If you’re experiencing stagnant or declining performance and are missing your targets and expected results, it’s time to dig in and either course correct or turn the ship around. Our team of highly skilled and experienced cross-functional manufacturing advisors is equipped to assess and fix your current processes.

Once we’ve had a chance to identify functional gaps and concerns, we’ll provide actionable recommendations to ensure a positive path forward. Because we would never recommend any actions that we aren’t willing to execute, we are always prepared to roll up our sleeves to effectively and efficiently implement to right solutions.

Discover some of the key operational challenges we help manufacturers like you face head-on:

Customer Satisfaction

Supply Chain Fulfillment Challenges

IATF Certification & Standardization

Cost Escalation

Service Includes:
  • Stabilizing performance
  • Throughput improvement
  • Improving asset uptime
  • Developing and implementing operational excellence systems
  • Instituting quality operating systems, creating a quality culture
  • Preventing & mitigating supply chain risk
  • Coaching and mentoring production team leaders, supervisors, management
  • Leading and/or supporting HR initiatives

Case Study

Automotive / Interior

Case Study

Automotive / Interior


  • Established Injection Mold Manufacturer, Sublet Space to JV Partner
  • New People, Processes, and Technology
  • New Management Team, working within the confines of their JV Partner
  • Client Requested Review – Last Supplier to PPAP on Vehicle Launch

Key Business Issues

  • 6 Months behind launch curve
  • Struggling with New Technology
  • Poorly Trained Workforce
  • Poor Product Flow
  • Unable to hit throughput targets
  • Unable to meet quality expectations


  • 45 Days – PPAP Complete, Run at Rate Complete
  • Stabilized Processes
  • Redesigned Process Flow Across 7 Product Lines
  • Trained Workforce