Manufacturing a better business to achieve operational excellence.

Complex problems, shifting demands, and turbulent business environments increase pressure on meeting performance expectations. Crossover’s operational heritage enables our experts to decipher your challenges—from identifying cross-functional improvement opportunities to creating value. Our talented associates are results-driven with a make-it-happen mindset. We move the needle for clients across industries and around the globe.

From the shop floor to the board room, Crossover exceeds “the extra mile” assisting manufacturing businesses with what is required. By assessing and addressing issues that ail organizations, we’ll help you to reach operational goals, mitigate risk, and preserve stakeholders’ satisfaction.

Discover some of the key business challenges we help manufacturers like you face head-on:

Operational Distress

Financial Underperformance

Customer Dissatisfaction

Change Initiatives

Service Includes:
  • Creating performance cultures
  • Operational restructuring
  • Financial restructuring
  • Implementing balanced performance measurement systems
  • Integrating risk management and performance management

Case Study

Automotive / Chassis

Case Study

Automotive / Chassis


  • Tier 1 Chassis Manufacturer
  • The client requested support for launch risk and massive engineering change

Key Business Issues

  • Multiple new manufacturing lines installs
  • Line tear up, upgrade while still needing to supply and unable to build a bank
  • Integrator unable to complete the install and validation
  • Understaffing from a technical perspective


  • Initial stabilization of fulfillment, resetting demand expectations at the assembly plants
  • Put work teams in place to manage line launches and line tear up
  • Created sufficiency plan over, updated daily with work activities
  • Rolled glide-path into the organization to connect all functions
  • Improved Stamping throughput, secondary ops throughput
  • Established effective QOS
  • Established Performance Management metrics