At Crossover, we are your advisors.

The most successful organizations are those where performance is part of the culture; where people from the base to the top are motivated, ambitious, self-starting, and goal-oriented. Performance expectations are clear, taken seriously, and driven down to the individual level, and then reinforced.

At Crossover, we are your advisors … we are your team. We understand performance and can help you achieve meaningful, measurable results. Whether your manufacturing business is struggling with troubled divisions, requires the addition of functional talent, or experienced coaching and training; our Crossover team is there to provide management and leadership.

As your advisors, we make a conscious effort to become part of the fabric of your organization, ensuring the success of your entire team.

Discover some of the key challenges we help manufacturers like you face head-on:

Cultural Challenges

Organizational Design

Interim Management

Performance Enhancement

Service Includes:
  • Leadership and Management Augmentation
  • Interim Management Support
  • Executive Coaching and Mentoring
  • Advice on Business Management Strategies
  • Management Operating Systems
  • Organizational Development and Training
  • Procurement Services

Case Study

Automotive / Body

Case Study

Automotive / Body


  • Tier 1 – Body in White Supplier, EU Based Company, New Facility Launch
  • Cold Stamping, Hot Stamping, Assembly Operations – new steel technology
  • Fulfillment compromised to multiple customers
  • Failed launch of new product
  • Unable to meet demand

Key Business Issues

  • Poor understanding of technology and process
  • Quality issues mounting, safe launch failing — no comprehensive QRQC
  • Inexperienced leadership team
  • Cultural difference between Parent Co. and local workforce
  • Multiple Customer shutdowns


  • Inserted technology experts to work through operational challenges 24/7 — management, skilled trades, quality engineering, maintenance
  • Inserted HR Team to champion hiring and training initiatives
  • Coach, Mentor, Do – grassroots philosophy to get the plant back on track
  • Elimination of 225 3rd party quality personnel in safe launch
  • Within 4 months, corrected significant quality issues, tooling issues, process issues — resulting in achieving R@R, no shutdowns