Case Study

Automotive / Exterior


  • Tier 1 Class A Injections Molding and Assembly
  • Client requested operational assessment as the supplier was behind launch targets

Key Business Issues

  • Underdeveloped molding process
  • Out of control metallizing
  • Secondary processes not capable
  • Assembly line unbalanced
  • Assembly not meeting quality expectations
  • High direct labour turnover
  • Poor material value stream layout


  • Dialled in molding process, mold set up and changeover management
  • Brought in metallizing expertise
  • Repositioned all materials into supermarkets for line presentation, eliminating stock outs
  • Established operational performance criteria, including deep dive quality reviews and root cause corrections
  • Scheduling secondary process to ensure shared asset availability, improving efficiency
  • Manufacturing performance improvement — meeting contract in 5 days with no additional capital requirements
  • Replaced assemblies on all previous yard hold vehicles
  • No lost vehicles

By the Numbers

Efficiency Improvement of >50% in first 20 days
No Lost vehicles at OEMS
24/7 to 5 days
Overtime Reduction — 24/7 reduced to 5 day operations