Case Study


  • Multi-Site Manufacturer of and distributor of Commercial Grade Shelving and Cabinets
  • Client had lost 75% of Supply Chain team including Director
  • Client requested an Interim Director of Supply Chain

Key Business Issues

  • Understaffed Supply Chain Team
  • 80% of purchased goods from overseas
  • No MRP utilization with current ERP system
  • Overabundance of inventory due to former business model
  • Minimal domestic sources
  • Constrained components (wire and beams)
  • Strained supplier relationships
  • Customer in-stock levels declining
  • Lack of Production Schedule
  • Communication
  • Upcoming Launch of new product in May/June 2022
  • Tooling lead time for new product launch did not meet timing
  • ERP implementation started on time in March 2022


  • Hired and trained Supply Chain Team
  • Improved forecasting and planning driving inventory down and in stocks to manageable levels
  • Participated in the vetting of ERP sources resulting in a final selection and on-time kick off
  • Right sized inventory by location to build as many finished goods as possible through inventory transfers of material
  • Developed current suppliers, built back damaged relationships
  • Quantified daily forecast accuracy, overall transit times, and tracking milestone timely movement.
  • Mitigated risk of on time container delivery in a very volatile supply chain environment.
  • Implemented process to reconcile and dispute freight billing charges.

By the Numbers

18 weeks
Reduced Tooling lead time by 18-weeks from 28 to 10
$32M reduction in underperforming inventory
75% improvement in inbound shipment accuracy
30 days
Reduced shipping lead-times by 30 days by resourcing freight forwarding Co