Case Study

Automotive / Chassis


  • Tier 1 Exhaust Systems Manufacturers and JIT Supplier
  • Client requests review as manufacturing process were unable to meet demand

Key Business Issues

  • New equipment installation
  • High Direct Labor Turnover
  • High Skilled Labor Turnover
  • Plant Manager left the team
  • Outsourced Maintenance did not perform


  • Improved throughput with a combination of hands-on technical skilled trades and production supervisory staff
  • Reduced OT from 24/7 to meeting demand in 5 days
  • New product launch, PPAP approved
  • Restructured Materials department, ensuring supply contracts and deliveries met expectations
  • Coach/Mentor role for new leadership team
  • Implement performance management systems
  • Restructured maintenance department
  • Implement Preventive Maintenance systems
  • Lead IATF Certification

By the Numbers

On time delivery improvement to 100%
$40K per week
Inbound / Outbound Premium Freight Reduction from $40k/week to $0
$65k per week
Overtime Reduction by $65K per week