Case Study

Automotive / Interior


  • OEM and Tier 1 Interiors supplier involved in expensive warranty repairs
  • Intermittent field failures being investigated by experts from OEM and Tier 1
  • Testing designed to reproduce failure mode taking 1 to 2 days to execute
  • Stepper Motor costing less than 1€ cost 1000€ to repair


  • Design tests to characterize the devices behavior rather than reproduce attribute failure (stuck pointer)
  • Tests were able to be conducted in seconds, within a small production sample size
  • Performance of the system was able to be observed quickly, enabling convergence on a causal explanation


  • Causal explanation determined problem was in the injection molding process for one of the components
  • Took less than 2 days to understand and fully evaluate the system behavior - the equivalent time it took to run 1 test to failure
  • Applied diagnostic approach to test samples submitted for reliability validation
  • Eliminated possibility of poor performing motors from passing the testing

By the Numbers

999€ / unit
Warranty cost avoidance for future production
2 Days
Time to Solve the Problem