Case Study

Automotive / Chassis


  • Tier 1 Chassis Manufacturer
  • The client requested support for launch risk and massive engineering change

Key Business Issues

  • Multiple new manufacturing lines installs
  • Line tear up, upgrade while still needing to supply and unable to build a bank
  • Integrator unable to complete the install and validation
  • Understaffing from a technical perspective


  • Initial stabilization of fulfillment, resetting demand expectations at the assembly plants
  • Put work teams in place to manage line launches and line tear up
  • Created sufficiency plan over, updated daily with work activities
  • Rolled glide-path into the organization to connect all functions
  • Improved Stamping throughput, secondary ops throughput
  • Established effective QOS
  • Established Performance Management metrics

By the Numbers

Mitigated loss of over $500 Million
50% to 99.5%
Quality Performance improvement from 50% to 99.5%
40% to 100%
On-time delivery from 40% to 100%
> 15/day to 0
Expedites from > 15/day to 0