Case Study

Automotive / Chassis


  • Division of Global Casting, Machining, and Assembly Company
  • Company closed overseas divisions with intent to consolidate operations

Key Business Issues

  • Resource-Constrained; Financial, Capital, Assets, People
  • Launching New Product
  • Huge OEM exposure for major vehicle platforms
  • Company Filed for Bankruptcy Protection
  • Full Business Restructuring


  • Initially - Single OEM Focus: Throughput improvements mitigated 80K vehicle exposure; Manufactured additional 200K units in order to decontent and exit facility
  • Led Coordinated effort for all OEMS; stabilization efforts mitigated > 300K vehicle exposure; efforts resulted in time to decontent facility
  • Combined Risk Mitigation efforts resulted in over $7.0B of potential lost OEM profits

By the Numbers

> 7.0B
Mitigated OEM profit Risk > $7.0B
> 40.0M
Premium Freight reduction > 40.0M
9 months
Decontent, Business Transfer, Launch, PPAP from NA to China to 9 months