The New Science of Fixing Things is now a Crossover Solutions company!

The New Science of Fixing Things has developed a reputation as a group of extraordinary technical problem solvers. Our team of engineers specializes in addressing complex technical manufacturing issues for large-scale businesses. With our extensive experience and expertise, we offer effective solutions that meet the needs of organizations that span multiple industries.

We employ a wide range of advanced methodologies and tools to solve challenging problems and ensure optimal performance for diverse manufacturing processes. In short, We Get Things Fixed!

Discover some of the key operational challenges we help manufacturers like you face head-on:

Technical Problem Solving

Determining Root Cause

Tooling Optimization

Manufacturing or Production Problem-Solving

We assist our clients in achieving the following:
  • Efficiently solve problems by training their engineers in our methods.
  • Develop knowledge of processes and product performance using methodologies from The New Science of Fixing Things.
  • Obtain certification through valuable projects that capture True Characterization and Causal Explanation.
  • Expand Topographic knowledge through broad Characterization and Causal Explanation, rather than relying on case-based solutions.
  • Increase profitability by replacing costly seminars with Project-based workshops that quickly contribute to the bottom line.