Case Study


  • LCD Manufacturer experienced warranty failures
  • 100% pass rate at end of line testing (Quality Gate)
  • 2% to 3% failures during warranty period, with expensive service repair

Key Business Issues

  • Process & Quality Engineering -
  • FMEA process did not focus on system level failure but rather attribute characteristics only
  • System level testing, risk communication and documentation strategy
  • Quality Spill, Warranty repair exposure
  • Duration to define causal explanation using typical problem solving methods
  • Life-cycle Testing set up and protocols not deterministic
  • Strained supplier relationships


  • Developed and executed strategy to identify causal mechanism
  • Zero Cost Solution to fix problem
  • Fast implementation timing
  • Trained process and quality engineers on application behavioral characterization
  • Supported lessons learned application
  • Mitigated long term risk

By the Numbers

< 24 hrs
On-Site support in less than 24 hours
Mitigated longer-term warranty exposure
100% effective system characterization